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The Officer:

In addition to his martial arts career, Brian has 28 years of service working for the State of Connecticut. He retired at the rank of Captain and served as an Investigator for the CT. Department of Correction and was the subject matter expert in Use of Force for the agency.

Throughout his career, Brian has worked in all 18 of the prisons and institutions throughout Connecticut that include pre-release, county jails, medium and high security, as well as maximum security facilities. He is a retired Correctional Emergency Response Team member/instructor, as well as a retired Patrol Dog and Narcotic Detection K9 Handler.

With an extensive background in training, he continues to serve as an Instructor in the following areas:

-Tactical Instructor (OC Instructor, handcuffing, Firearms Instructor, tactical operations, building searches, room entry/clearing)

-Use of Force (legal aspects, constitutional based use of force, assess/reassess continuums and physical application)

-Master Instructor in Defensive Tactics for officer safety.

-Instructor-Trainer Monadnock Expandable Baton /PR24 Control Device

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