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For over 42 years, Brian has been studying the infinite applications and living "flow" of  Modern Arnis, as well as several other martial arts and disciplines.  Brian has also taken his 27 years of law enforcement experience and tactics and combined them with his martial arts training to create his own system of "The Art Within Your Art" (TAWA).  This system combines Modern Arnis, Kenpo Karate, Boxing, Chen style Taiji, and law enforcement tactics. Brian does not attempt to replace what you are already doing, but rather enhance and improve your current skills and understanding.

Designating his system "TAWA" is a silent tribute to one of his foremost instructors, the late Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas, the founder/father of Modern Arnis. GM Presas could often be heard telling his senior students from the early 1980's, “Take my art and make it your own.”

With Modern Arnis as the foundation, TAWA integrates the other disciplines and takes the empty hand, stick, and knife and blends them into an extremely effective martial art system for students, instructors, school owners and law enforcement personnel.

Strikes, joint locks, take downs, throws, groundwork, single and double stick drills, trapping, disarms, and locks blend together to give the individual an unlimited amount of techniques and skills to choose from and form their own unique "flow" which is a signature aspect of the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA).

Whether you are interested in martial arts, self-defense, or tactical law enforcement training, there are plenty of opportunities in the pages that follow.  Please take a few minutes to browse the site.

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